Colmar Christmas Markets 2018 Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

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Christmas in Colmar is a feast, where architectural beauties are the background of an event centred around the tourist.

Marché de Noël de Colmar 
23.11 – 30.12.2018
from Monday to Thursday: from 10am to 7pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: from 10am to 8pm
24.12: from 10am to 5pm
25.12: from 2pm to 8pm.
31.12: from 10am to 5pm

The warm and intimate atmosphere urges visitors to lift up their eyes to admire the decorated façades, while all senses are awakened by the smell of cinnamon and orange, and the games of light which embellish the medieval monuments and modern architectures. The so called “path of light” takes visitors through the five Christmas Markets of the city, each of them immersed in a unique landscape.

There is an entire market dedicated exclusively to children. Not to be forgotten that Colmar is also known as the”City of Lights” thanks to a project of 1997 which aimed at the revaluation of the city architecture through artistic lightning. This peculiar characteristic of Colmar is even more accentuated during Christmas time, when the normal lightning is with the lights and colors of the markets and the decorations of houses and streets. The main destination of Christmas excursions is the Old town, where the lights exalt the beauty of the medieval buildings, transforming the city into a fairy landscape. Palaces, churches, monuments, museums are all enlightened by the Christmas lights. The Turned into Center is a real open air theatre, where the warm Christmas atmosphere feeds the heart of the city.

Christmas decorations are taken into serious consideration by the residents, and there is even a competition which elects the most beautiful ones. In Place Rapp Square Christmas atmosphere is always joyful and warm: set in a winter snow-covered landscape and strewn with Christmas trees and chalets, the square also plays host to an ice skating rink. But the magic of Christmas markets is also a pleasure for the palate, with many cakes and spicy delicacies which are displayed in the shop windows and stalls of the markets.

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018


Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

Ice skating

Rapp Square, the ancient city square, is the place where the most important city events are held. Its huge park separates the Building of the Prefecture from the city centre. 110 trees, covered with artificial snow, are placed on “valleys and hills” to remind of the Vosges forests. In the square a huge 800 m ² ice skating rink is placed in winter, which represents an inescapable temptation for skating lovers and a great tourist attraction. This area of the city has always been a destination for skaters: once the ice skating on the lake, today the artificial rink.

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

How to get there and car parks

By plane
There are three airports serving the town of Colmar: Colmar-Houssenma airport Strasbourg-Entzheim airport (approximately 70 km).
Bâle-Mulhouse airport, about 70 km away,  which is mainly used by low cost airlines.

By train
Hig speed trains connect Colmar with the main French cities (Paris can be reached in approximately 2 hours and a half).
The train station is located in the city centre.

By car
Colmar can be reached from Switzerland through the highway E25 passing by Mulhouse.

Car parks
There are several car parks spread in the town of Colmar .

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

Colmar Christmas Markets 2018

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